Stephan Machinery

Once STEPHAN was founded in 1953 in Hameln (near Hanover, Germany) by the Stephan family, the company started its activity by manufacturing meat cutting machines and machines for the preparation of bakery and other food products, with capacities spanning from 10 to 120 liters.

Today STEPHAN Machinery specialises in designing and building machines and plants for food production processes. It has more than 60 years of experience in the food industry, supplying many leading food brands with customised machinery that supports their production processes and enhances efficiency.

For almost 10 years we have also been a supplier of process engineering and automation solutions.

It has always been our prime objective to develop machinery that is designed to enhance and improve production processes. STEPHAN Machinery produces machinery and engineering / automation solutions for different fields of application, such as: dairy, convenience food, meat and confectionery. Our key customers are multinational and well-known organisations. We export about 80 % of our machines globally. In the future we will focus on turnkey solutions to meet the high expectations of our customers in the food industry.

The year 2013 was a very special one for STEPHAN. Since 1999 STEPHAN was a member of different Italian companies. During that time the well-known and famous name of STEPHAN disappeared out of the media step by step. But in 2013 STEPHAN has become independent again.

Dependable quality, for years! That’s what the STEPHAN company stands for, a leader in the worldwide food industry. STEPHAN machines are unsurpassed for mixing, emulsifying, dispersing, direct/indirect heating, vacuum processes, cooking, size reduction etc.


FrymaKoruma has been the global leading supplier of technology and processing machinery for more than 65 years. The company manufactures a wide range of mills, inline and batch processing units for the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Food and Chemical industries. Based in Rheinfelden/Switzerland and Neuenburg/Germany, FrymaKoruma employs around 160 people. Over 23,000 machines are in the market used in more than 180 different countries and each year another 200 machines are added to this list. Since October 2014, FrymaKoruma and Stephan Machinery (Hameln/Germany) have been operating under one innovative umbrella, specializing in processing technology under the name ProXES (Processing and eXpert Engineering Services).

FrymaKoruma technology is used in the manufacture of the widest range of product types: active pharmaceutical substances, colourful lipstick masses, creams and also mayonnaise, ketchup and chocolate are produced in these plants. Whether in wet milling, homogenization, dispersion, mixing, aerating or desagglomeration – FrymaKoruma provides the right process to manufacture high-quality products with short production times.

In the ProTec “Process Technology and Training Centre” in Neuenburg, customers can test machines and carry out trials. Recipes for liquid and semi-solid products are developed and optimized in the analytical laboratory, together with specialists from FrymaKoruma. In addition, ProTec is an international forum for training, seminars, workshops and conferences.


Terlet Process Equipment & Systems in Zutphen (The Netherlands) is a specialist when it comes to the design and production of high-quality components and turn-key systems for the preparation and packaging of (liquid) products. With more than 100 years of experience Terlet is renowned for being a reliable and professional partner in the Food and Personal Care industry.

Terlet’s product categories are: processing vessels, scraped surface heat exchangers (Terlotherm), bag-in-box filling machines (Van Meurs), coil tanks (Maxxitherm), batch units (Culimaster), vacuum gassing installations, modules and complete processing lines. These machines are applied for processing mainly high viscous fluid food and personal care products like sauces, fruit preps, jams, waxes, creams, soups, baby food and meat.

Apart from the supply of new machines, Terlet is also specialized in the modification, overhaul, repair and maintenance of installations. Terlet is able to quickly and effectively react when the need arises as they have the most common spare parts in stock.

Terlet has her own pilot plant (Terlet Technology Centre). The Terlet Technology Centre is built to the requirements of today, according to modern standards of hygiene, food safety and food processing in general. Utilities, such as steam and glycol are available on such a scale that not only pilot plant scale tests can be done, but also skid mounted equipment can produce products at “real life” scale. Considering the fact that both the building and equipment meet the modern food production standards, customers can produce products for internal testing on appearance, taste and shelf life.