The ProXES Group combines leaders in process technology

ProXES includes STEPHAN Machinery (Hameln, Germany), FrymaKoruma AG (Rheinfelden, Switzerland) and Terlet (Zutphen, The Netherlands). These companies own strong brands in food processing, pharmaceutical, and health-care technologies. The ProXES Group is now heading into a shared future with the common goal of being the worldwide leader for batch-centered and continuous processing technology.

We combine process equipment of our prestigious market leaders and focus on full line concept solutions. By using the synergies of the ProXES Group companies, we are able to provide full processing concepts that cover ALL production steps. We are your one-stop partner! 

With our new initiative of ProXES Chocolate (Let´s Choc the World) we are further creating new processing solutions for chocolatiers worldwide! Our innovative application focussed concept covers all steps ´From Roasted Bean to Ganache´ and a variety of other sweet products like nut pastes, pralines and doughs: 

With nearly 300 years of experience and processing technology know-how, we endeavour to ensure the future success and satisfaction of our customers employing a premium research and development team and cutting edge technology offering tailor-made solutions you can always rely on.

Welcome to SWAT - The customer service you deserve!

SWAT is our new service initiative within the ProXES Group, standing for ´Service with Answers Today´. It combines the service commitment of our companies, STEPHAN Machinery, FrymaKoruma, Terlet and ProXES System Solutions and describes the common service obligation to our customers and business partners. By consolidating the special knowledge of our companies in different service areas, we ensure the best customer service by using our group-wide expertise. Especially regarding the line concepts of ProXES SWAT Service exploits the full potential of service synergies. SWAT is a fast and reliable service unit specially trained to serve your specific needs. With over 100,000 successfully installed machines/plants and over 300 combined years of experience in process technology, we draw on a vast wealth of experience. Check out our new website !

Most innovations originate from medium-sized companies like us!

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