Code of Conduct

Responsible, transparent and value-enhancing corporate governance
How successful we are at continually increasing our company’s value is crucial for the future of the ProXES Group. The trust of our customers and investors is a fundamental requirement. We cultivate this trust through transparent and responsible corporate governance, which takes the highest priority in our daily work.

Successful corporate governance in accordance with the recommendations and suggestions of the German Corporate Governance Code
The German Corporate Governance Code contains recommendations and suggestions for good corporate governance. The content of the Code was prepared by the responsible government commission on the basis of the material statutory provisions and nationally and internationally recognized standards of corporate governance. This government commission reviews the German Corporate Governance Code on an annual basis and arranges for any necessary amendments or updates.

The recommendations and suggestions of the Code form the basis for the work of the Management and the Advisory Board of the ProXES Group, as responsible and transparent corporate governance allows us to strengthen the trust of our customers and investors in our work. It also allows us to meet the steadily increasing demand for information from national and international stakeholders. These are fundamental conditions for increasing our Group’s value.

The ProXES Code of Conduct
With our Code of Conduct we will provide our employees a guidepost that combines the essential basic principles of our activities and supports our employees in mastering the legal and ethical challenges in their daily work. The Code of Conduct will constitute a Group-wide guideline that applies to all of our employees and members of executive bodies and for the compliance with which each individual is equally responsible.