Olaf Pehmöller / Chief Executive Officer

In April, 2014, Olaf Pehmöller was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the newly founded ProXES Group.

Since February 2011, Olaf Pehmöller has been Chief Executive Officer of the STEPHAN Group, and a member of the management board since joining STEPHAN in August 2003. During that time, he was responsible for the engineering and automation activities such as STEPHAN Process Engineering.

Before joining the STEPHAN Group, he spent more than 13 years with the GEA Group where he held several management positions in the process engineering division.

Olaf Pehmöller was born in 1965 in Germany. In 1990, he achieved a Master of Science qualification in Computer Science and Mathematics from the Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel/Germany.

Steffen Bohne / Chief Financial Officer

In July, 2016, Steffen Bohne was appointed Chief Financial Officer of the ProXES Group after having established the Group Accounting of the ProXES Group in 2013.

Steffen Bohne joined STEPHAN in 2006 as Head of Accounting. Later on, he took over the responsibility for the Controlling Department of STEPHAN as well.

Before joining the STEPHAN Group, Mr. Bohne worked more than ten years with the C. NICOLAI Group and was responsible for finance, taxation, human resources and IT. During this time he held several management positions.

Steffen Bohne was born in 1970 in Germany.

Günter Dähling / Chief Contracting Officer

In April, 2014, Günter Dähling was appointed Chief Financial Officer of the newly founded ProXES Group. With effect from July 2015 Mr Dähling receives the new Position as a Chief Contracting Officer.

Günter Dähling joined STEPHAN in 2004 and has been responsible for the Financial Department ever since. In 2013 he was appointed Chief Financial Officer of the STEPHAN Group.

Before joining the STEPHAN Group he worked with Alfa Laval / Tetra Pak and the GEA Group in different positions for 20 years.

Günter Dähling was born in 1957 in Germany.

Heiko Scholz / Chief Automation Officer

In January 2017, Mr. Heiko Scholz was appointed Chief Automation Officer of ProXES GmbH, after his previously independent company – Suatec GmbH – became another company member of the ProXES Group.

Mr. Scholz founded SUATEC as early as 1999. In addition to his future functions within the ProXES, he continued to serve as Chief Executive Officer with all related tasks.

Prior to the founding of SUATEC, he worked as an automation engineer and project manager for international projects. Mr. Scholz has a good knowledge in the areas of process flows and project planning of industrial controls.

Heiko Scholz was born in 1970 in Germany.

Markus Schröder / Chief Operations Officer

In February, 2015, Markus Schröder was appointed Chief Operations Officer of the ProXES Group.

Markus Schröder joined FrymaKoruma in 2008, starting as Head of Purchasing. Over the years, he took over the responsibilities for production and assembly. In August, 2013, he was promoted to COO/CFO of FrymaKoruma. Since February, 2015, he holds the position of CEO of FrymaKoruma.

Before joining the FrymaKoruma Group, he worked with suppliers in the automotive industry and Clariant, being in charge of demand and inventory management.

Markus Schröder was born in 1969 in Germany and is currently based in Switzerland. In 1995, he achieved a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management from the University of Technology “Fridericiana” in Karlsruhe/Germany.